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Aquilegia caerulea, Columbine KIRIGAMI™ 'Yellow' shade perennial, 4" Eco Pot

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Columbine is a springtime wonder for a shady border area or a dappled light location. The plant has an airy feel to it and makes for a lovely show when it blooms. If fairy flowers exist, this is definitely one of them. Its foliage is light and delicate and the flowers make excellent cuts should you want to bring some in the house for cheer. Columbine prefers loose, fertile, and well drained soil. Does not do well in wet soil conditions. Great at wood's edge, pairs well with Solomon's Seal. In a 4" Eco Pot.

Height: 22-24"

Width: 16-20"

Spacing: 20-24"

1st Photo Courtesy of Proven Winners

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