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Asclepias tuberosa, Butterfly Weed, native, perennial, 3" Eco Pot

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A must have in a native garden. The tangerine colored flowers are on fire in the garden and bring loads of pollinators, including hummingbirds, monarchs, bees, and other beneficials to their attractive blooms. This one used to be easily spied along banks of the roads, but I feel like I'm seeing them less and less in their native habitats, so lets bring this one back in the home gardens. Their seed pods are delightful and you can see their seeds wisped away on their silky threads late summer. Deadheading promotes a second round of flowers. This is a super low-maintenance and long-lived plant. Does not require rich soil or much moisture. Full sun is best, and well drained soil preferred, especially in winter. We sometimes have aphid issues on them, but they still remain robust enough to carry on despite the pest. Emerges later than other perennials, so have those patience pants at the ready!

Height: 24"

Width: 24"

Spacing: 24"

All photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

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