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'Celeste' Fig Bushes, 2 gallon pot

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Celeste figs are so memorable for their incredibly sweet flavor. By far my favorite fig, it's so easy eat a whole pint right off the plant. This is a pretty fast growing fig when it's happy. We have given these roots a healthy dose of mycorrhiza and it shows! The root structure is very strong and now is a great time to get them in the ground so they get some growth on and get established in your yard before the cold weather kicks in. Just keep them well watered and give them at least six hours of sunlight a day though they can certainly handle full sun. Figs like a little protection from winter winds so southern exposure with north protection is ideal, but they are happy in all the different places we have put them on the farm so it's a very flexible plant. Make a hole twice as wide and a little deeper than your root ball (don't add amendments in the hole) and cover the whole root ball with soil. A light mulch of composted leaves will help it from drying out too fast.

Height: probably grows up to 12-15ft

Width: 10-12 ft

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