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Clematis, 'Stand By Me', Perennial, gallon pot

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This is a bush clematis, so its non-vining but you may find it needs some support or light trellising. This one has a stunning display of large 2-3" flowers that bloom en masse then make delightful seed pods after flowering.... it would be a gorgeous addition to you garden. It's of utmost importance to keep the feet of clematis shaded but the plant should get full sun or part shade. It helps to plant something directly in front of its rootball to help keep it's roots shaded. Tends to be happy with a thick layer of mulch as well to retain moisture in the soil. Bush clematis prefer neutral to alkaline soil. Plant the clematis a good full 3" deeper than it had been in it's pot (so you can bury the first set of leaves) to encourage strong shoots.

Height: 34-38"

Width: 24-36"

Spacing: 25-30"

Photos Courtesy of Walters Gardens.

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