Coneflower: Echinacea 'Bravado' 3 1/8" Eco Pot

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Perennial Echinacea is an easy to grow perennial that creates a pretty spectacular show of color in its second year. It's a reliable easy to grow perennial given the right conditions. Bravado has lovely rose-pink petals and a deep orange center and it's another pollinators' dream plant. The very sturdy flowers are around 4-5" across, smell delicious, and are good for cutting. Gets about 2-3ft tall and 1to 2ft wide. we space ours on 1ft centers. Tolerant of most soils except consistently wet. Likes full sun, though we have ours in part shade and it does fine. Deer leave it alone. Essential to any native plant garden or a garden to please the pollinators.

Photo Credit: Randy Stewart Landscape Design (this blog has some gorgeous pics and details on different echinaceas and is an overall amazing horticultural reference blog)

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