Eucalyptus Pulvarenta 'Baby Blue Spiral' 3 1/2" Pot

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Who doesn't love eucalyptus? The smell, it lasts forever in a vase and looks amazing as a plant, the incredible blue-green color, AND it's fun to grow. We've been growing it for several years now (these pictures are from a hoophouse but we plant it in the field as well and it does fine) and each year we plant more because I can't get enough. I wish we could plant a eucalyptus forest. We treat eucalyptus as an annual, but I've heard of people successfully overwintering it around here. It needs full sun and well drained soil, adequate fertility. If you give it these things you will have a gorgeous plant 3-4ft by the end of the year and bunches to give away. Spacing 12-24".

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