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Eucalyptus Silver Dollar, potential perennial, 4" Eco Pot

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Silver Dollar eucalyptus is a favorite of ours. It gets to be quite large over the course of a growing season, and if you play your cards right (and we have a warmer winter and you keep it close to the house away from north winds with southern exposure), this one will overwinter well. We've found well drained soil to be the biggest factor in keeping the plants happy. High and dry with full sun. This plant loves the heat and thrives when not too much else does mid-summer. One of our favorite blue green foliages for all things, we love to be near this plant; it might even help me relax some which is always a blessing.

Height: depends on how happy it is, but ours topped out at 7-8ft this past season

Width: 3-4ft

Spacing: 2-3ft

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