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Euonymus, winter creeper 'White Album®' evergreen shade perennial, Proven Winner, quart pot

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Euonymus 'White Album' may not look like much, but it is an amazingly hardy groundcover that will add interest to any garden. We love it for its super hardy foliage that holds up very well out of water, so it is our go-to filler for our flower crowns, boutonnieres, and corsages. We also love it in the garden where it creeps and readily spreads and adds a lovely variegated touch and point of interest. Ours is planted in part shade and fairly wet soil and is doing great, though it would probably appreciated soil that is slightly better drained. Very easy to grow. Quart Pot. Plant is patented so no propagation is allowed. White Album® Euonymus fortunei 'Alban' USPP 23,961, Can 4,596

Height: 18-24"

Width: 18-24"

Spacing: 18-36"

All photos except flower crown photo courtesy of Proven Winners.

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