False Indigo: Baptisia 'American Goldfinch' 2 gallon pot

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PERENNIAL. Baptisia is perhaps my favorite plant...a native, incredible flowers and colors, easy to grow and maintain, the foliage is beautiful. Baptisia is what I call a giver plant, meaning that it just gives and gives and doesn't take much at all to grow. There aren't a ton of giver plants in the cut flower world so when one comes along it is much appreciated. You've probably seen baptisia in people's yards or in landscaping and wondered to yourself, 'What is that?!' because it makes for such a stunning plant. We planted this yellow one a couple years ago and the color is so so SO good. And not only that, the blue green foliage is just gorgeous. This one is a hardy grower as well, though it will take a couple years to establish and come into its own, but WELL WORTH THE WAIT. This plant is leguminous meaning it fixes nitrogen in the soil. Grows in most soils, prefers full sunlight. An all around winner. Height 3 to 3 and 1/2 ft, width 4-5ft. This one is patented so propagation is not allowed. PP30478

Photos credit: Walters Gardens

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