Globe Amaranth: Gomphrena QIS Purple 2 1/3" Eco Pot

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ANNUAL. My personal favorite gomphrena color, purple because it's so rich and saturated. Gomphrena is a quick growing and easy to grow delightful addition to the annual garden. It was made for hot dry weather. Topped with what seems like an endless amount of round purple flower heads, it brings a much needed pop of color to the garden. Tolerates most soils except constantly wet ones. Dries beautifully, you probably recognize it from our dried flower wreaths! We plant a ton of gomphrena over the course of the season because we love it so much. It's not the most fun to cut, but the color is unbeatable. grows to 2ft tall and 1ft wide. We space ours 9" apart. Deer proof.

1st two Photos Courtesy of Piedmont Master Gardeners

3rd photo Bluebird Meadows

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