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Jowey Winnie and/or Linda's Baby Dahlia Tuber

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After pouring over thousands of photos of dahlias, I realize we have Jowie Winnie and Linda's Baby tubers tagged as the same plant, so this offering is a mixed bag of the two. They look extremely similar and are both EXCELLENT producers which is why we grow so many of these. Jowey Winnie was the first dahlia we had years and years ago that took me by surprise with how many stems it produced. These are total givers, they start early and just keeps on giving all season. It churns out the stems and is an amazingly beautiful color to boot, a kind of soft coral/pink/mauve. We LOVE them and they are a must have in the dahlia patch. Tubers run on the small size.

Form: Ball

Height: 3 to 3 1/2ft

Flower Size: 3"

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