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Lobelia Cardinalis, Cardinal Flower, NATIVE, perennial, 3" Eco Pot

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Another one we're very excited to offer this year and add to our own garden is Cardinal Flower. This past summer I had a magical moment visiting the Eno River with my girls and as they were wading along, splashing and laughing I turned my head and spied a few plants of lobelia blooming along the river's edge. They were interspersed with River Oats and the light was catching the fire red of the lobelia and it glowed like a jewel. I'll never forget this first sighting of it wild! A hummingbird magnet, this plant prefers full sun to part shade and likes wet to average soil moisture. Enjoys full sun or part sun. When happy will self-seed to multiply itself.

Height: 2-4ft

Spacing: 12"

Spread: 2ft

Photos Courtesy of North Creek Nursery

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