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Lonicera, Honeysuckle Vine, 'Major Wheeler', NATIVE, perennial, 3 1/8" ECO Pot

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If you've seen Major Wheeler honeysuckle vine around, it probably stopped you in your tracks. A stunning color, a hummingbird magnet, a native, and its foliage stays clean all season?! Too good to be true. I've always had the dream to trellis this one on our porch posts where we hang our hummingbird feeders so it's a little paradise for them. Hopefully this year we'll make that happen here!

Prefers full sun to part shade and average soil moisture. It does need a small to medium width trellis to climb with its vining habit.

Height 3-8ft

Spread, 1-10ft

Spacing 24-36"

Photos Courtesy of North Creek Nursery

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