Louisiana Iris 'Black Gamecock' gallon pot

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I don't know about you, but any kind of iris stops me in my tracks at around 50ft away; they're iridescent sheen and form are just mesmerizing and they break my heart again and again with their beauty. This one looks like a true stunner and I cannot wait to plant some around the farm. According to Walters Gardens where we are sourcing the rhizomes, "they are known for having “outrageous vigor”, multiplying quickly when sited properly in consistently moist to boggy soil or shallow water." Anything described as having outrageous vigor is worth a shot. Our farm also has quite a few spots that stay consistently moist, how about your yard? Likes full sun to part shade. Can cut the flowers and watch them open up in your house! A very reliable bloomer year to year and native to North America.

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