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Muscari Mix, Grape Hyacinth, five colors, 30 bulbs

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Muscari are a true fairy flower, a mind-blowing spring spectacle of shades of blue. Blue flowers are hard to come by, but all of these muscari are true blues. 'Paradoxum' (turquoise), 'Valerie Finnis' (pastel pale blue), and 'armeniacum' (vibrant blue) all delight in the garden. This mixture also contains 'Blue Magic' (second photo) and 'Latifolium' (third photo) which I fell in love with this past spring as it has a navy base with a lavender blue tip. I like to clump them together for a nice blue show, though remember they are short, blooming at 6-8" tall. We have ours in our shade garden in a mostly shady spot and they do great. They prefer well drained and fertile soil. Plant at around 9 bulbs per square foot. You can divide the bulbs after a few years as they are excellent at naturalizing. Deer proof. Plant 4-5" deep and 3-4" apart.

Second and Third Photo courtesy of Van Engelen bulb.

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