Parrot Tulip, 'Flaming', 10 bulb pack

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Tulips are one of the most extraordinary flowers to watch open as it's one of the few flowers to keep growing as they open. Often by the end of it's vase life, the tulip has grown several inches and changed so dramatically it leaves you shocked and incredulous. Parrot tulips with their weird and odd beauty are an absolute favorite and not easy to get ahold of to plant, so we're so happy to be able to offer these. This 'Flaming' tulip is one of the most flamboyant of parrots and is by far the largest, getting to be 22" tall. Starts out yellow and red, then the yellow fades out to white. Plant 6" deep, 3-6" between edges of bulbs depending on how close you want your flowers, in a well drained spot in full sun or mostly full sun.

Pictures courtesy of Van Engelen Bulb.

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