Peony, 'Coral Sunset', 3-5 eye, Bare Root

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One of the most beautiful flowers in all the world, the peony has a fan base like no other. It's one of the most sought after cut flowers we grow. Coral Sunset is a rare color in the peony world. It's one of the first to bloom and goes through a dynamic fading as it ages. It starts out a bright coral color, then fades to a beautiful pastel peach. The blooms are nothing short of irresistible with their berry-lusciousness. An amazing addition to the garden and a harbinger of spring. You know Mother's Day is close when this one blooms. Likes rich, well drained soil and we've found they are happiest with some shade during the day. Make sure it gets some full sun, but with our scorching summers, the peonies we've sited in afternoon shade are much happier than their full sun counterparts. Average water needs. Cut back spent foliage in late fall and remove from the garden to help with disease prevention. Planting depth is very important with peonies, place eyes 1 1/2 to 2" below soil surface and try to account for soil settling. A light winter mulch is fine but uncover as eyes begin to emerge in spring. These are bare root peonies so should be planted upon receipt of root.

Height: 3ft

Width: 3ft

Spacing: 3ft

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