Pink Muhly Grass: Muhlenbergia Capillaris 3 1/8" Eco Pot

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PERENNIAL. I have been wanting to grow this lovely for so many years but never could find the right spot. So it's been a long love affair of admiring it from a distance whenever I saw it but knowing I was in love. Until last year! We finally tucked some in around our peony plants (I figured peonies are typically done by mid-summer and Muhly grass is an autumn bloomer, let's make the most of our space) and it bloomed this past fall and OH! THE JOY! It is truly a light show when it moves during the afternoon golden hour. Entrancing, silky, pink fluff. Truly incredible and I'm more in love than ever. You will not regret this one. Just keep it weeded, better yet mulch around it and if you have space plant a few. Likes full sun! We have some in afternoon shade and they didn't put on much of a show so I don't recommend part shade on this one. Cut back to 6" in early winter or early spring before it starts to grow. Tolerates most soils except super saturated/wet. Prefers drier soil if given the choice. 3ft tall, 2-3ft wide. 2ft spacing.

Photos Courtesy of Annie's Annuals and Perennials

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