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Polygonatum odoratum, Solomon's Seal 'Variegatum', perennial, gallon pot

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I'm not sure what about Solomon's Seal I love so much. Maybe it's graceful arch, or the sweetest little flowers that dangle from the stem for a few weeks before turning into berries? Maybe it's how strong the foliage is, or how tough the plant is despite its elegance? I'll forever be enamored. This one is an excellent ground cover for a part sun to shade site and readily colonizes when happy. Deep, rich, moist soil is where it will thrive. Can be slow to establish itself but once it takes it's not going anywhere. Easy to grow, easy to maintain. Excellent cut foliage. This one is a classic shade beauty with striking variegated foliage. We're up to 4 cultivars in our collection, looking forward to adding more as our little patch brings so much joy.

Height: 18-24"

Width: 10-20"

Spacing: 15-24"

All photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

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