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Ranunculus Corms, Amandine Pastel Mix, 8 pack

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I don't seem to have a picture of just the pastel mix, but its a lovely range of salmons, pastel pinks, champagnes, and blush. So it's a bit like the photo but sub pinks for the reddish shades. Gorgeous mix, we're sure to always have this one in the spring.

So first off, lemme say ranunculus are not that easy to grow! We find ranunculus to be picky about soil, picky about temperature, and fairly susceptible to disease. That said, growing them is possible here and they are certainly one of the most beautiful flowers in existence even though they are essentially just a highly bred buttercup. There is something so magical about them. Is it their form? How well they last in a vase? The huge range of colors they offer? I encourage you to give them a try if you're willing to go the extra mile for them.

Each little bag will have 10 corms. These are not very big at all, think a little bit bigger than a nickel. Most professional growers give them a pre-sprouting treatment which consists of soaking them in aerated water (we just put them in a bowl and leave under a dripping faucet) for 3-4 hours, then packing them in course perlite that is lightly damp but not wet (they're prone to rot if they are too wet in this stage) and putting them in a cooler location (think the fridge or a basement....temps ideally at 50 degrees) for a week or two, until you see roots forming at the crown. Once they have roots at the crown you plant them 1 to 1 1/2" deep in well drained, pliable, fertile soil in full sun, spaced 8" apart from one another. They take a couple weeks to emerge, then you have to play a covering game with them all winter where if there is a deep freeze you cover them with a frost protection cloth. This could just be a light sheet you pull over them at night. Most growers grow them under cover in a greenhouse or a hoop house but they are extremely cold hardy. A cold frame would be a good idea for these. Once buds emerge on them in the spring you have to protect the buds from freezing temps. There is loads of good information on growing ranunculus on the web, I encourage you to take a look and do some reading on them before you give them a go.

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