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Solidago rugosa, Goldenrod 'Fireworks', NATIVE, perennial, 4" ECO pot

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I've come to really look forward to late August and early September when the local fields and meadows left to go to weed all turn into a visual masterpiece of yellow. The color helps us get through what can be a tough time of year on the farm. Not much else blooms that time of year in the natural landscape, so it's a much needed hit of color. We have some very large naturalized sites of goldenrod on the farm and I love being tasked to cut from them for our bouquet work. This particular variety is a clump forming perennial that gets to be around knee height and has a lovely cascading form that resembles fireworks. Extremely drought tolerant once established and very easy to grow. Prefers full sun but can take some part shade. An excellent pollinator plant for the garden and another must have for your native display.

Height: 3-4ft

Spread: 2-3ft

Spacing: 12-18"

Photos Courtesy of North Creek Nurseries.

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