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Viburnum, Doublefile 'Steady Eddy®', Proven Winner, perennial shrub, gallon pot

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Back in 2010 we happened upon a nursery going out of business and bought a ton of shrubs and trees to plant around our just-finished house. Most of them died as we had no landscaping experience and didn't know our yard soil very well. BUT we planted a couple doublefile viburnum like 'Steady Eddy' and they made it and are thriving! (our fringe tree also survived). We love the doublefile viburnum as it gives quite a spring show every early April. Reminiscent of a lacecap hydrangea but much earlier blooming, it's lines are very elegant and it has a really lovely form. Beautiful specimen plant or in a mixed bed. Lovely fall foliage. Space saving variety compared to other doublefile viburnums. Does well in part sun. Well drained soil is great though ours hold a decent amount of moisture in the winter and it does fine. Deer resistant. Plant patented, so no propagation allowed. Steady Eddy® Viburnum plicatum var. tomentosum 'NCVP1' USPPAF, Can PBRAF

Height: 4-5ft

Width: 4-5ft

Spacing: 4-5ft

All photos courtesy of Proven Winners.

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