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Vitex, Chaste Tree, Gallon pot

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This is a lovely large ornamental shrub/tree that you can easily prune to the size you want it to be. We have a border of these on the farm and they are so beautiful when in bloom; we propagated these plants we're offering from our own. They bloom here usually late June, though it depends on when you prune them back. The flowers are reminiscent of lavender and are a clear blue purple. The bush is COVERED with blooms and the pollinators love this plant. This plant also has medicinal properties and is said to help regulate menstruation and fertility.

Prefers well drained soil but is a robust grower that can handle most conditions. Prefers full sun. Quart pot.

Full grown height: 10-15 ft tall. (though you can easily prune it back to the size you want if you prefer it to be smaller)

Full grown width: 10-15 ft (though easy to prune to a smaller size)

First Photo Courtesy of North Carolina Extension Garden Toolbox, Lenora Enking

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