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PART TIME FLOWER CUTTERS--April through September. 15-30 hrs week, 3-5 day a week MORNINGS.  A beautiful way to immerse yourself on a local farm and get a taste of all the flowers we grow over the course of three seasons.  A perfect position for someone unable to commit to full time but who loves spending time with flowers.  Duties include bucket washing and cutting flowers, changing water.  Base pay is $15, flexible with experience and efficiency.  


3-5 DAYS A WEEK FARM POSITION, so we're looking for either a couple people part time or one full time person.  Must be able to commit to 3 full days a week.  Majority of work will be with flowers, position runs March/April through August/September.  We are looking for a very special creative individual to join our team who is passionate about flowers, all things botanical, and learning all the ins-and-outs of farming.  Experience is welcome but is not required.  This is a VERY challenging and physically demanding job and we will be working outdoors in ALL weather conditions---it gets really hot in the summer here so if you feel like you're sensitive to the heat this is not the job for you. Bugs, sweat, and physically taxing jobs are a large part of what we do. You will be seeding, planting, weeding, harvesting, staking and netting, putting down and picking up landscape fabric, clearing beds, and more.  A large, large, large part of the job will be cutting flowers (almost every day) which includes a good deal of bucket washing and mornings in the field harvesting.  We put bouquets together a few afternoons a week for market and deliveries.  We work as a strong team on the farm and you will also be helping with vegetable production as well when needed.  As challenging as this job will be, it is amazingly fulfilling!  We create a good deal of art and beauty to send out into the world and we bring a lot of light, support, and comfort to people through our flowers. We aim to nurture with our work; our soil, ourselves, and our community.  Starting pay is flexible depending on experience and efficiency, base rate for this position is $15/hr.  


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