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Our sale will go live at 8:00am EST this Saturday, January 28th; tubers will be listed as out of stock until Saturday morning.

We have been growing dahlias for cut flowers in the Piedmont of NC for 17 years. They are one of our favorite crops to which we devote an enormous amount of time and energy. We have a high quality standard for both flower and tuber production and we are so thrilled to be able to send out tubers from plants we lovingly grew right here on the farm.

Each tuber is guaranteed to have one eye, though they might still be dormant when you receive the tubers.

Bulk tubers are a great way to get high production on a specific variety and to help with your own tuber production. All of the varieties we offer in bulk are varieties that are excellent producers for us.

We will refund shipping on multiple orders.

Items in your cart are not guaranteed until payment is finalized. Some varieties are in high demand and will most likely sell quickly.

We will ship out tubers late March through mid April depending on the weather.

We will offer farm pick up and Durham Farmers' Market pick up should you like to avoid shipping costs.

We will not provide refunds after 5 days of you receiving your tubers as too many factors are at that point out of our control. Please email us if something goes awry with your tubers.

Shipping Costs: 1-5 Tubers, 14.00

6-20 Tubers, 20.00

21+ Tubers, 25.00

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