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Hellebore, 'French Kiss,' perennial, quart pot

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This hellebore is a mixed color offering, so we can't guarantee what color you'll get, but we can guarantee and absolute beauty of a plant. This group promises plenty of doubles and anemones, as well as dark reds, spotted pinks, picotees, and apricots. Lenten Rose, a true shade showstopper and excellent naturalizer, pretty much takes care of itself. We have 100+ of these planted in a woodland area behind our packing shed and they put on such an incredible show this spring. They color up and hold their blooms for a good 6 weeks in late February-March. They are extraordinarily hardy and prefer dappled to full shade. The foliage is also beautiful and holds up well all season. Prefers well drained soil, good for placing under dappled light under a tree canopy or by wood's edge. All parts of the plant are poisonous. Deer proof.

Height: 18"

Width: 18"

Spacing: 18"

All photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

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