Icelandic Poppy, Champagne Bubbles, 2 1/3" Eco Pot, biennial

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We've been growing this special flower for 17 years now! It was one of the first flowers we tried and of course I fell in love right away. They do take some coaxing to get through the winter in decent shape, but once established they are pretty cold hardy. If they send up blooms and we have a freezing night below 30 you should probably cover the buds. You may want to cover them for the first few frosts so they can get established before handling freezing weather. We space ours at 10" and when they're happy they give so many flowers. You do need to sear the ends of the stems (you can read about this process online) when you pick them to extend their vase life. A super bright, super cheerful flower. Likes well drained soil and full sun, begins to bloom in March. These are mixed colors.

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