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Miscanthus, 'Oktoberfest', grass, perennial, quart pot

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So we've come to really love and appreciate a good grass plant, especially when used well in the landscape. We've had miscanthus on the farm now for 5 or 6 years and we love its look and the way the seed head emerges shimmering gold then turns to a fluffy puff that catches and sways with the breeze. Not to mention how beautiful the foliage is on this plant! Turns a rich caramel color with rich purple and burgundy highlights as the plant moves into fall. Makes for excellent winter interest as well. We do cut ours back late winter. Easy to grow and will grow in most soils including clay. Prefers full sun but can handle a little shade we've found.

Height: 6-7ft

Width: 3-4ft

Spacing: 4ft

Photos Courtesy of Walters Gardens

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