Peony, 'Red Charm', 3-5 Eye, Bare Root

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Peonies....what can I say, everyone's favorite flower. I've found the bombshell type to be my favorite as it's such a transformation from bud to bloom. When it's peony season it's hard to stay away from the patch as you don't really want to miss a moment with them as they move through their spring awakening. Red Charm is a fragrant, earlier, more compact variety that everyone on our team eagerly awaits. It is nothing short of sensational to watch open.
Peony planting depth is VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure you account for soil settling. Plant peony roots so the eyes are 1 1/2 to 2" below the soil line. They will get to be 30" tall and about 3ft wide. They say to plant peonies in full sun, but with our intense heat we have here I've found they grow best with some hours of shade either in the morning or afternoon, afternoon preferable. These are bare root peonies and should be planted upon receipt of roots.

Height: 3ft

Spread: 3ft

Spacing: 3ft

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