River Oats: Chasmanthia latifolia 3 1/8" Eco Pot

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Perennial. River Oats are another unassuming plant, until you watch them dance in the wind or examine the beauty of their seed heads up close. This is a beautiful native....if you take a walk along the eno you'll see loads of these; even now in the winter you can see their old seed heads and stems if you look close. Likes moderate to high levels of moisture, does well in sun or part shade/dappled light. Beautiful form and line. Dries perfectly and makes an excellent addition to most bouquets. Grows to 2-3ft tall and we space ours pretty close together at 9" though if you have space you can go to 12"-18".

1st Photo Courtesy of Coastal Studies Institute

2nd Photo Courtesy of Johnny's Seed

3rd photo Bluebird Meadows

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