Short Toothed Mountain Mint: Pycnanthemum muticum, Quart Pot

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Perennial Mountain Mint is one of those plants where you wonder how you got by without it in your life before you had it. It is a POLLINATOR MAGNET, perhaps one of best in the garden with a constant buzz around it during its very long bloom period. It's one of the best nectar sources for our native butterflies. It blooms sometime in June and has an incredibly soothing minty smell. We have this in several spots around the farm as it establishes itself well and spreads by rhizomes. Very hardy, very easy to grow. Likes full sun or part shade, it's happiest at woods-edge. From North Creek's description: "Mountain Mint is loaded with pulegone, the same insect repellent found in pennyroyal. It can be rubbed on the skin to repel mosquitoes!" Rub away, rub away! A must have plant.

Photos Courtesy of North Creek Nursery

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