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Verbena bonariensis, pollinator magnet, perennial, 4" Eco Pot

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Verbena is mind-boggling in it's ability to attract butterflies, bees, and insects of all sorts to its flowers. It's well worth putting in the garden on that merit alone, but it also comes with the stately grace of long, thin, wiry stems that hold clusters of beautiful purple flowers atop them. It's a very strong plant and reblooms if you cut off spent blooms. The blooms last forever though as more flowers keep opening on them. AND it's a perennial. Just an amazing all around plant that keeps the garden humming. Likes full sun and most soils, probably well drained is its preference.

Height: 36-48"


Spacing: 15"

1st photo courtesy of Pinterest.

2nd Photo Courtesy of Johnny's Seeds.

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